Progress Update: Includes Stickers!

Just a quick check-in today, my lovelies, but I thought I’d let you know how my November mini challenge worked out.

As I’ve long suspected, the secret to getting anything done lies in stationery…

I wanted to re-establish my morning writing routine during November, so I gave myself a cute shiny star sticker for every time I wrote as soon as I woke up.

As you can see, it worked a treat. I’d set the bar nice and low (twenty minutes of writing at a time of day that really suits me) and, once I had a nice line of stickers, I didn’t want to break my streak.

Plus, I was reminded of just how much I can get done in a short time. Even on those mornings when the kids needed me/the new kitten wouldn’t stop jumping on my hands, and I literally wrote for twenty minutes ONLY, I still got at least 250 words down. That doesn’t sound like much, but it all adds up, and it kept the story live and kicking in my mind.

My other goal for the month was to write (at least) 15,000 words. I’m not certain of my final tally (I had to switch back to my official WIP halfway through and that involved lots of deleting/rewriting as well as new words) but it’s in the region of 16,000, so I’m delighted.

How about you? Did you take part in NaNoWriMo or something similar?




Eight Weeks and a Challenge

red_typewriterI was going to title this post ‘eight weeks to Christmas’ but I thought you might throw things at me…

There are, however, eight weeks of the school term left, which is both a nice-sounding amount of time for a writing challenge and a terrifying amount of time in which to get everything else in life sorted. Basically, if I only had to wear one hat (my ‘author’ one) for two months, I think I could finish the first draft of my new book.

However, that is sadly not the case… This term is always busy (Halloween, school concerts, Christmas preparations, seasonal coughs and colds) and I will also have (at least) one more rewrite of my second Carina book, too. Plus, of course, my posts for Novelicious, promotional stuff, and any other bits of freelance writing which come my way.

Still. I would dearly love to skid into the Christmas holiday with a good chunk of the new book written. It’s an idea I began writing last year and it makes me all tingly with excitement. I put it to one side when I got the Carina deal in order to write the sequel to The Language of Spells, but it’s been tickling the back of my mind the whole time.

So. Eight weeks. Even allowing for everything above and the fact that I’m a slow writer, I’m going to aim for 40,000 words.

I’m going to check in here every Monday with an update on my progress and if anybody fancies joining my eight-week challenge, please ‘sign up’ in the comments. Just state your goal (it can be anything you like) and visit every Monday to let us know how you’re getting on/get support/demand chocolate.