Short Story News and Not Doing NaNoWriMo

wintertalesThe nice folk at Write Romantics have put together an anthology of winter-themed short stories in order to raise money for The Cystic Fibrosis Trust and The Teenage Cancer Trust.

Titled Winter Tales, the anthology features bestselling writers such as Annie Lyons, Helen Phifer and, um, me. (Meep!)

My story is called ‘The Art of Giving’ and it features Iris Harper. So, if you enjoyed The Language of Spells and wanted a peek into Iris’s past or you fancy an excellent selection of uplifting stories or you just feel like doing something good for charity, please consider purchasing a copy.

Winter Tales is out on Saturday 8th November (tomorrow!) in Kindle format with paperback to follow soon. There’s a launch event tomorrow afternoon on Facebook with competitions and giveaways.

In other news, I will (yet again) not be taking part in NaNoWriMo. I think it’s a brilliant event and I wish everyone taking part lots of luck, but I know it’s not for me. The pressure of 50,000 words just makes my brain freeze.

I do love writing challenges, though, so I’m joining author Karen Mahoney’s cut-down version.

After sending off the latest rewrite of the book to my agent, I wanted to have a fairly chilled month, plus I respond well to a low bar, so I set my target at 15,000 words.

Hop over to her blog if you’d like to join in, too.