Scrivener Love


Well, I’ve been using Scrivener in earnest for about a week now and I love it.

All the things that I like to do when writing (write scraps of scenes out of order, set word count targets, move scenes around, keep multiple versions of the same WIP) are super-easy to do. There are loads of other things that I’m not really using at the moment (the ability to tag chunks of text with ‘meta data’ such as POV character, for example) but I’m sure I will eventually…

To be honest, I’d probably pay for this software just for the brilliant ‘full-screen mode’. I love seeing just my page of typing, with the rest of the screen faded out – it really helps me to focus.

Plus, Literature and Latte (the developers) are offering 20% off Scrivener until the 14th June. So if you’ve been hesitating over buying it, today would be a good day to make the decision!