Bea magazine

Have you discovered Bea Magazine yet?

A women’s ‘magazine’ that doesn’t tell you you’re not pretty enough or thin enough or that your toenails aren’t white enough or that you should feel ashamed if you eat cereal for dinner. We’re about acceptance, sharing, anti-bitching, intelligence, all sorts of culture, truth-telling, mutual support, celebrating success and keeping it real.

When I’m not staring at the computer with a glazed expression and/or drinking tea, I’m busy being a domestic goddess* and I’m now writing about thrift, housekeeping, cooking, and eco-living for Bea.

If you want to hear about my adventures with vinegar, my steam mop (the love that dare not speak its name) or 1001 things to do with chickpeas (not the actual title, but now I want to write that), then make with the clickies.

*Not really.