Tutorial (redux): Vintage china cake stand

I used to run a craft and homewares blog and my lovely mum created this fab tutorial for it. I thought it should have another day in the sun, so here it is.

Vintage china cake stand

By Jennie Hughes

Do you wander around your local charity stores picking up
the odd pretty, but mismatched, china plate? Beautiful ceramics and bone
china are so enticing, but what do you do with them? It’s not sense to
keep them stashed away in a cupboard, and an entire un-matching dinner service
takes some chutzpah to carry off, but what about a pretty cake-stand?

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Moth Tales

YA author Karen Mahoney has teamed up with artist Candace Ellis to create a web comic called Moth Tales. The first episode went up yesterday and it looks beautiful.

The comic is a companion to Karen’s forthcoming book Falling To Ash and will work as a prequel/side-story thing. It’s a fantastic idea and an absolute gift to readers.

Yay for creative and talented people doing cool things!

Friday Five: The gratitude edition

My office immediately after installation. The surrounding has since been prettified and I have a step in front of the door.

I’ve sent the rewrite to my brilliant agent, had a relaxing day out with my Mum yesterday, it’s almost the weekend, and I’m feeling very grateful for my life. Happy Friday all!

1. Oh, my office, how I love thee. I love stepping out of the house and actually *going* to work. I love the peace and quiet. I love that I can surround myself with MY things. I love the fact that my overflowing desk, piles of paper and massive desktop PC are no longer in the bedroom. Happy sigh.
2. The beautiful ‘office-warming’ gifts that I’ve received from family and friends. Honestly, I have been utterly spoilt and I’m so touched. Thank you! Thank you!
3. I’m grateful for this mad urge to write things down, create things, make stuff up. Even on a bad day, there’s nothing else I’d rather be doing and that, in itself, is incredibly lucky.
4. I’m grateful that other people – far more talented and imaginative than I – have this same urge. Quite apart from my life-long love affair with books, books, and more books, I’m loving (adoring, worshipping) the new Doctor Who. Haven’t ever watched it? Haven’t tried the reboot? Never fear, you can just jump in, but if you want a guide author Joe Hill has compiled one here.
5. I’m grateful for my husband and children. Soppy? Yes. But truer than true.

No More Page 3

Lucy Ann-Holmes has started a campaign to get The Sun to drop the out-dated and offensive page 3. I’ll be honest, I’ve been dealing with the reality of page 3 by pretending that it doesn’t exist, but that’s not helpful. And it’s not going to halt the sexual objectification of women (something that has been proven to contribute to violence against women), either.

So. Please read Lucy’s excellent piece here and then go sign the petition. Thank you!

Stop Press! Lucy’s campaign has been featured in The Huffington Post. Fabulous. Let’s do this thing!

Also, Keris Stainton wrote a wonderful, personal piece about the campaign here.